It’s an STD test, not the SAT. Why should it be difficult?

STDClean was started from a place of need - we got tired of going to the clinic after every Tinder date that was a little too successful. It was also started in San Francisco, by tech industry veterans with a healthy desire to make healthcare a bit more accessible. We have partnered with one of the best manufacturers of testing equipment in the world to design our products, and have spared no expense.

Having an STD isn’t embarrassing, but not knowing you have one? That’s just dangerous. We aren’t just in this for the money, champagne, or the inevitable luxurious yacht trips - we’re also in it to improve public health. You deserve to know what’s going on with your body without paying through the nose to find out. You deserve to have access to lab grade tests without waiting in long lines, paying hundreds of dollars, or taking an afternoon off work just to find out you’re fine. Because you’re probably fine.

We guarantee all of our products and their efficacy, or your money back. Take your health into your own hands. Sometimes it’s better to do some things yourself.