What state in the US has the highest STD rate?

 STDs are very common throughout all the country. Naturally, there are diseases more common than others, and different areas have different STD rates. This could be caused by a wide array of reasons. Particular states or towns might have risk factors that contribute to easier propagation of STDs. STD rates by state are a very useful tool to find out how common are STDs on each state. Obviously, you should be careful wherever you go. But if you happen to travel to a state with the highest STD rate in US, you should take extra precautions.

So, to begin with, these are the three states with highest STD rates: Alaska, Mississippi and Louisiana. But on this article we are going to focus on the state with the highest STD rate, which is Alaska.

How bad is the STD situation in Alaska?

As we mentioned above, there are different factors that contribute to the STD rates of different states. Naturally, not every factor has been discovered or studied. And even more so, some factors are believed to increase the incidence of STDs in a particular state, buy do not have a scientific study to back up that claim. However, one can speculate.

Alaska is widely known for being one of the harshest places to live in the United States. There is a lot of wildlife and mountains, but not much else. It could be said that public health programs have a harder time reaching places like Alaska. Besides, some studies had shown a correspondence between low temperature and frequency of sex. The reasons for this probably are a little bit obvious.

So Alaska is the state with the highest STD rate in the US. But, what does this mean?

For example, Alaska has 151.1 cases of gonorrhea for every 100,000 residents. Contrastingly, New Hampshire, the state with the lowest STD rates, has only 18.5 cases for every 100.000 residents. Other diseases have similar alarming rates.

 What is the most common STD in Alaska?

STD rates usually rank states by combining all the cases of sexually transmitted diseases. This, naturally, can result in some is leading information. For example, just because a state has higher STD rates than other that does not mean that a particular sexually transmitted disease is also more common in the higher-ranking state. Particular diseases have their own rankings and those rankings do not always match the general rankings.

And even more so, different STDs are more or less common depending on different factors. For example, in Alaska, the most common STD is chlamydia. 768.3 persons out of every 100,000 residents of Alaska have contracted chlamydia. This naturally poses a serious public health issue.

How to prevent getting infected

Obviously, the information presented in this article does not mean that you should not travel to Alaska. In fact, it does not even mean that you should not engage in sexual relationships while on Alaska. Most sexually transmitted diseases are easily preventable.

This safety measures naturally apply to all circumstances and states. However, since Alaska is the state with the highest STD rates in the country, you should probably take some extra precautions. Some of this safety measures are:

Always use a condom: A condom is the easiest way to prevent getting an STD. Condoms are cheap, available everywhere and incredibly easy to use. Most public health clinics even give condoms for free. Regardless of where you are, you can always get condoms. Even if you don’t see any visible symptoms on yourself or your sexual partner, it is always best to be sure. Remember that not all STDs present with symptoms all the time.

Get tested at least once a year: Another way to be safe is to get tested for STDs once a year. The test in inexpensive –sometimes even free- and very simple.

Get vaccinated: Some STDs, like HPV, can be prevented by vaccination. You should enquire about vaccines at your local health center if you want to take additional precautions.