Symptoms of chlamydia in men and women

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world and in the United States. One thing that makes chlamydia so widespread is the fact that it usually presents with no symptoms. When people don’t present any symptoms, they assume they are perfectly healthy. Then, under that assumption, they have risky sex without knowing that they are infecting more people. And then the newly infected people repeat the process. Although this is usually the way it happens, you should not think that chlamydia is always asymptomatic.

The symptoms of chlamydia are different in men and women. Here you will find some of the most common ones:

 Symptoms of chlamydia in men

Chlamydia usually presents with some symptoms that are common among men and women and others that are gender specific. Some of the most common symptoms of chlamydia in men are:

  • Pain and swelling around the testicles: This symptom is probably one of the easiest to notice. Since the testicles are naturally a tender area, any change is perceived as very substantial. If you feel like the area around your testicles is swollen or it hurts, you might have chlamydia. Even if you don’t, you should really ay your doctor a visit. Pain and swelling around the testicles can also be a symptom of something else. It is better to be sure.
  • Burning and/or itching sensation in the tip of the penis: When chlamydia does present with symptoms in men, it usually comes in the way of a burning or itching sensation. This sensation is usually concentrated around the tip of the penis. Also, the sensation can get more intense in the external urethral orifice.
  • Painful urination: Painful urination is a very common symptom of a wide variety of STDs. Although, it can also be symptom of a kidney-related problem. However, painful urination is almost present if you have symptomatic chlamydia. The pain can come in several different variations. You could feel like burning and irritation or physical pain, as if you just had gotten punched in the genitals.
  • Small amounts of discharge from the tip of the penis: This is one of the symptoms of chlamydia in men that usually goes unnoticed. A small amount of discharge can be easily confused with urine or semen, especially if you are not particularly looking for it. The discharge can be clear or cloudy, and happen rarely or even a few times a day.

 Symptoms of chlamydia in women

As we said before, when chlamydia presents with symptoms, some symptoms are gender specific. Some of the most frequent symptoms of chlamydia in women are:

  • Bleeding between periods: This is probably the symptom that most women notice first when they have symptomatic chlamydia. It can present in different amounts or with different frequencies, depending on the woman.
  • Painful urination: This is a symptom that both men and women get when they have chlamydia. The same as men, the pain can come in different variations, you could feel as if you were punched or a burning sensation.
  • Itching or burning around the vulva: Itching and/or burning sensations are also easily noticeable. Remember not to scratch even if you feel itching. The area around the vulva is very sensitive and you could hurt yourself.
  • Abdominal pain and fever: In women, chlamydia can present with abdominal pain and fever. These common symptoms can be mistaken for a different infection if you do not go to the doctor to get tested.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge: The discharge can vary in consistency, color or odor. It is important to know your own body to properly identify if it is a normal discharge or if it could be a symptom of chlamydia.