How to Tell Someone You Have an STD

Finding out you have an STD can be really traumatizing; It will take a while for the news to sink in. First comes the stage of denial and eventually, acceptance. After accepting the fact that you have a sexually transmitted disease, you will have to make certain choices and decisions that will inevitably affect your life and the life of those around you. One of these important decisions includes opening up to someone about your health condition. 

If you are in a relationship with another individual or in the process of building one, it is only right that you inform them about your health status. While it might be an uncomfortable topic for discussion, it is mandatory. To ensure that your spouse or partner understands, it is important for you to follow the right approach.

Here are some tips which can make it easy for you to tell someone that you have an STD.

1. Have a face-to-face discussion with the individual.

2. Be completely honest.

3. Share all facts and provide them with the necessary information.

4. Answer all questions realistically.

5. Give them time to digest the news.


Once it is confirmed that you have an STD it is essential to have your spouse or partner take a test. You can purchase one of the best STD home test kits at STD Clean; the results take only ten minutes!