How Does Expedited Partner Therapy Work

As the percentage of people diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses increases, the need for a more effective therapy to aid and improve patients' chances of recovery also increases.

Expedited partner therapy or EPT is a treatment practice which enables patients diagnosed with gonorrhea, chlamydia, and similar sexually transmitted infections to take prescribed medications to their partner without prior examination from the doctor or health care provider.

A lot of people are uncomfortable when it comes to discussing the topic of sexual activity, symptoms of infections and methods of prevention due to the stigma associated with such diseases. Unfortunately, keeping mute doesn't make the problem disappear. With infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia, which can be easily treated with a simple dose of antibiotics, it makes no sense to be silent about it. Seeing as sexual activities often involve two partners, it is only right for both partners to get treated; this will also prevent a possible cycle of reinfection.

EPT was introduced a few years ago, and it is a viable option for individuals who cannot speak openly about their sexual health and partners.

With an effective treatment option such as expedited partner therapy, the rates of infection and transfer of sexually transmitted diseases and infections will greatly reduce. 

It should be noted that the law which allows expedited partner therapy also protects the healthcare professionals from any form of liability; be it professional or civil. This basically means that doctors, registered nurses, physician assistants and all other healthcare professionals are allowed to prescribe and provide the partners of infected individuals with antibiotics and other forms of medication without prior physical examination.