Can you get an STD from someone who doesn’t have one?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are so common that it is just natural to worry about them. Actually, a healthy concern for STDs can greatly reduce your chances of getting an STD. Testing yourself at least once a year, never having unprotected sex or vaccinating against some STDs are all consequences of a healthy concern about STDs and they are the most effective ways to prevent becoming infected. As there are some STDs that are so serious they are even life threatening conditions, it is ok to be worried.

However, there is a common concern regarding STDs among some people. They wonder, “Can you get an STD from someone who doesn’t have one?” And, to be honest, is a valid concern. Not everyone know everything about STDs. There are dozen different STDs and some taboos surround most of them. So if you have ever thought “can you get an STD if both partners are clean?” the simple answer is no.

STDs are caused by external factors and two people can’t simply create an STD out of thin air. However, if you are planning to have unprotected sex because you and your partner are clean, you should keep some things in mind:

 Some STDs don’t present symptoms at their early stages

First, keep in mind that the only way to make sure if someone does not have an STD is to take a test. A lot of very common STDs, like chlamydia, don’t present symptoms during several weeks. You might believe that you are clean, but it is possible that you are not and you do not know it.

HIV, for example, the virus that causes AIDS, can remain asymptomatic for years. Also, not every symptom is visible to the naked eye. For example, if you or your partner look clean in the genital area or present no redness or wards, you might think that it is safe. The truth is that there is no guarantee. Some STDs present with fever or pain that you or your partner might mistake for something else.

Because of the reasons above, we don’t recommend having unprotected sex even if you do not have any symptoms. If you want to have sex without a condom, there is a very easy and safe way. Getting tested takes less than an hour and the results usually take less than a couple weeks. After making sure neither you nor your partner have any STDs, you can have sex without protection. This way, you will not have anything to worry about.

 You can have an STD even if you are a virgin

Ok, so now you know that the absence of symptoms does not necessarily proves that you or your partner are clean. However, you might be thinking that if it is impossible to get an STD from someone who does not have one, then being a virgin is a warranty.

You should know that even if you and your partner are virgins, you could still get an STD. The thing is that some STDs can be passed from the mother to her baby. If your mom or your partner’s mom was infected at the time of birth, you could be virgins and still have an STD. This is especially true for some long-dormant diseases.

So, to summarize: no. Being a virgin does not guarantee that you won’t contract or give an STD.

 Sadly, people lie

Finally, this is probably the most obvious reason not to have unprotected sex without a previous test. The reality is that people lie all the time, and sex often is enough motivation to do it.

Your partner could be telling you that he or she is clean even if he or she is not. Be aware of the fact that not everyone wants to tell the world that they are infected and tell the proper precautions.

So, to summarize, you can’t get an STD for someone who does not have one. However, the only way to make sure if someone has an STD is through a test. Before the test, our suggestion is that you do not have unprotected sex.